These downloads are only for the Garmin vivoactive!

Watch Faces
Simple Analog Watch

(Low Power Mode)

(High Power mode)

Simple Binary Watch

No Download yet

Hint: Hr, min, sec in green, month and day in yellow, Leds show other status, and the line at the bottom is the precentage of the way to your step goal

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Simple 7-segment Watch

Simple Watch

What do I mean about user config? Well, right now I'd have to find a way so you can get a "configuration file" and give instructions as to how to use it. Late fall, Garmin says you should be able to set colors, etc from yoru phone. Anyway, here is the watchfaces above using the same config file (I did pick the colors so each type would stand out! :)

Here are some examples of what peole might actually want for options.

And for the "All the same Color" folks!

These are not available for download, but may be soon!

Nixie Tubes

No Download yet


No Download yet

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