These downloads are only for the Garmin vivoactive!

Watch Faces

Digman Watch ver 0.6

A custom watchface for a friend. If you like the picture, feel free to use it!
When you need to move, Digman will let you know! (new move alert in version 0.5 - the number of "treats" is the number of segments in your "move" bar)

Version 0.6 (6/22/15) - Added a "sleep mode" indicator (seen above!)


PinkWatch ver 0.3

The icons are: Up-arrow - the move alert, BT symbol - phone connected, and squiggle - 'vibration on'

As of version 0.2, the move alert has been changed. The number of "feet" on the bottom line shows the length of the "move bar" (1 to 5 "feet")

Version 0.3 (6/22/15) - Added icon for "sleep mode" (two "z's")

This will be the last version of "PinkWatch". Not that you still can't have it, but I've added stuff so "SimpleWatch" can be all set to pink. I should have it working by the next time PinkWatch changes!

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