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Kitchen Timer

Kitchen Timer ver 0.2

THIS WILL DRAIN more of the battery than a watchface!

I call this "Kitchen Timer", as it's a general purpose clock/dountdown timer, like you'd have in a kitchen.
It's an APP, and will show up in the same menus as "run" "walk", or "settings" on the device. When you start it, current time is displayed (including seconds) so can seen more exact time. It runs until you back out of it.

You can start a countdown counter by pressing the "start" button (upper right) on the va. You'll be shown a way to set the timer (which has the wrong title and is 100% out of my control!) It defaults to 1 minute, and can be set for up to 8 hours. When you set the value, you have to swipe to the right and press on the green checkmark to start the timer (again, outside my control!) while the timer is running, you will NOT be able to exit the app, unless you pause the timer, by again pressing start. On the va, things have to be in the foreground to run, so you must acknowledge that the timer is paused before you can exit!

When the timer is running, the start button will pause the timer, and pressing it again will continue the timer.

When the timer expires, you WILL feel the vibration. If not, I can make it stonger! You can then restart the timer with the start butti\on, and the "swipe to the right checkmark!

The picture here is what it looks like as it's counting down the last 45 minutes of a timer.

Version 0.2 cleans up a few cosmetic issues.

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