My Garmin Connect IQ Stuff for the vivoActive

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Okay, the first question I always get is "Why this site and not the Garmin Connect IQ App Store?" There are a number of reasons!

  1. It's easier for me to post stuff
  2. You can contact the developer with Email
  3. I'll be able to make it simple to have different configurations for stuff (like color schemes for watch faces)
  4. I can release beta versions of stuff. You might need a password to use of them them, but I also won't have something in the store before it's ready!
  5. I test this stuff! On a real device, and not just the simulator.

Side load to install! (take the .prg file out of the zip, and save it in the garmin/apps folder on your device)

This email adress will work until there is too much spam! Email comments here

While I welcome suggestions, if it's not something I want on my wrist, it probably won't happen. And I only speak english, so this stuff is only in English. (I don''t want to use bad translations for stuff) Most things here do support 12/24 hr time format and statute/metric data. Colors here, and specific spacing may be different on the real device, as I use screen caputures from the CIQ simulator instead of fuzzy pics of the va on my wrist! :)

These downloads are only for the Garmin vivoactive!

Although there could be some stuff in the "beta" area for other devices!

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